Laurent Dinh

I am a research scientist at Google Brain (Montréal, Canada) working on probabilistic deep learning. In particular, I have been most interested in the development of deep tractable generative models through deterministic mappings, invertible or otherwise, and reexamining common assumptions behind practices in deep learning, pertaining to generalization or anomaly detection.

I obtained my PhD in deep learning at Mila (Montréal, Canada), under the supervision of Yoshua Bengio. Prior to that I was studying at ECP (Paris, France) in applied mathematics and at ENS Paris-Saclay (Paris, France) in machine learning and computer vision. I had the privilege to work in the machine learning group led by Nando de Freitas both at UBC (Vancouver, Canada) and DeepMind (London, United Kingdom), and also at Google Brain (Mountain View, US), under the supervision of Samy Bengio.

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